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Dear mr Nigel E Wark ( executive director sales and service)

I am the owner of a ford fiesta top model and after having been badly treated and harassed at the local dealer level I am forced to contact you with a hope that you can put me and my families ordeal to an end.

My car details are 2007 model ford fiesta 1.6 sxi silver color , bought and serviced from bhagat ford Ludhiana , Punjab. Registration no Pb 10 cb 1400

Stage 1
I had sent my ford fiesta to bhagat ford for repairs for a nagging engine sound on 15/6/09 and they after a thorough check up confirmed a charge of approx rs 14000 and gave a list of parts that needed changing to rectify the problem . the car was delivered back after several days on 22/7/09 as the parts were not in stock with them and it took a long while to organize those. The final billed amount came to rs 18287.

To our shock and horror the sound was still there despite having spent so much for the nagging sound .

Stage 2
We contacted the dealer again and reported the problem and they again agreed and said they are sorry and really need one more chance and re assured that this time around the sound will be set right and gave revised estimate of rs 4000 to be spent further for this . again on 8-8-09 the car was delivered back after improvements .

Stage 3
To our dismay the same nagging sound continued and this time I reported it to higher authorities of the dealer and they after a thorough check up informed after a few days that a rod at the base needs to be changed and this time the car will be fully set right and we will be fully satisfied with it. The revised estimate of a further rs 15000 was quoted to us and I was furious that how can they expect me to pay them the third time for the same problem and demanded the return of my car. To which they said since to find the fault the whole car is virtually dis assembled and now if they assemble it without changing the part they will charge me the labor cost of rs 4000 and its better that I spend a further 15000 and get it sorted out. Now I had no option but to suffer further and spend 15000 more.

The car was handed over to the dealer on 20/8 with loads of promises from their side that our ordeal will be brought to an end and they agree that we have been harassed enough and our ordeal will be brought to an end within one week .

Now after waiting for 3 weeks to get our car back finally after a lot of chasing after I got a call from them to say that the entire car has been set right and they are now checking the electrical parts and the horn needs to be changed. I said I donot want it to be changed and they can give the car back as is without the horn.

Stage 4
on 8 th September when I was to finally get the car back I got a call from the dealer saying not to come to take the delivery as that during the assembly of the car they have found that the power steering has collapsed and now a further 20000 needs to be spent to correct this.
I am out of my nerves now and I donot know what to say and how to react. The dealer has no explanation as to how they damaged the power steering.

Come on is this for real , did I buy a premium car to get this junk and in case this is normal I suggest that I can give the car to ford and they can use it as a research vehicle and return my money back and if my hard earned money cannot be returned then please someone show some respect for the customer and give me my car back in complete order.

From hear say a lot of ford owners face the same at the hands of bhagat ford daily and I am just 1 amongst the many .

Thanks and regards

Sumeet thapar

Mobile :- [protected]

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