Ford – Fusion Car — problem with car since the purchase of product .

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Dear sir,
I bought a Car Fusion form K.S. ford Udaipur (Rajasthan) in Nov 07, when the first requirement o[censored]sing the AC ( that is in Summer ) came its AC was not functioning and I went to my dealer .
after all observation it was found a manufacturing fault of company that its AC pipe was brust and they claimed the change it with a new pipe .
but again in this season the same problem occur while on vacation with my family, when I got it checked from a vendor I was shock to know that instead of changing the pipe, delaer got it welded and same was again brust .and for changingthe same now dealer is raising a bill in my account .
when this was a problenm since begning and it was mishandeled by dealer then why such should be borned by customer .
it is proper properly making the customer fool, and absolute case of non coperation to customer .
I also raise my complain to their customer services ( [protected] ) on 4th May, but to no resolve at all yet .

Sir, pl. help and provide some solution to it, so that cystomer should be cheated by Ford any more .

Jasvinder SIngh

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