Ford Ikon – 1.3 – (Dealer – Lathangi Ford) — Cheater of all time

+91 44 2455 1500 (Corp. Office South)
+91 22 6702 4300 (Corp. Office West)
+91 12 4387 3001 (Corp. Office North)
S.P. Koil Post, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India – 603204


This is a first kind of compalaint I am doing against anybody.

I like this car Ford Ikon – because of their quality and drivability. So I though I will go and buy one. I went to a dealer ' Lathangi Ford, Bangalore, infront of IIM B on 30th Dec 2009 and I asked for 1.3 petrol white. They said since this is a yera end you will get discoubt of about 30,000 but new model will come with different featues and price may increse upto 10,000. I agreed that I will buy 2010 model insted of 2009 model and forgo 40,000 becuse of some additional features and 2010 model.

I was visiting them 4 times in week and they are just postponing my delivery and they said white is not available till jan 25th or till 30th. They gave me an option to buy sea gry 2010 model. I agreed and bought and got a delivery.

2 days back i received registration card from Jayanagr RTO and shocked by seeing that this is 2009 model and for that i sheel out extra 40,000.

I checked with various source that if the registration card ( smart card ) shows its 2009 model then it is indeed 2009 model. This Lathangi ford made me to pay 40000 more for 2009 model????????? I am really pissed off by learning this.
I went to showroom and asked for explanation. They gave some reaons and told its mistek from RTO. If RTO is wrong then god hel all the customer.

I know ford is good company and car is too good. But because of this [censored]s in Lathangi ford in Bangalore, I think they are fooling all the customer like this.

I just promptly went to the showroom and returned car. I have registration card with me right now.

I am planning to gave complaint on Lathagi ford. If RTO is wrong then god help us and nobody can trust this officers anymore. If Lathagi ford made me fool like this, I will make sure that they will go down in history in Bangalore.

I will suggest all the ford buyers please contact me @ hegde.[protected]

I dont know how metro ford in Bangalore. Please dont go to Lathangi Ford.


Praveen HEGDE

Please suggest me how should I take on this Lathangi ford. I made up mind that I am going to give complaint on these guys. Let me show them that we, customers are not fools. ( Alos, I wnat to make point htat they make fun of software guys becuse they tink that software guys dont know anything and they can make fool of them easily. I will show them

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