Ford Mondeo, Ghia, 2001 Nov, Mfr. — Replacement of damaged items not replaced

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My Complaint is against Shaman Ford, Lalbaug Workshop, which was on the verge of closure, almost a month ago, with workers disgruntled and out to suttly cause damage to vehicles coming in for repairs. When my AC was repaired at a cost of Rs. 20,000/- I found that the glove compartment handle was badly jammed and later broken (when I took my car to the garage to have the glove compartment opened). The Advisor, Uday, assured me that he would immediately order a replacement (at no cost to me).

Then the newly repaired AC stopped cooling. That was fixed by Shaman, but while taking delivery I noticed that the rear right side door handle had been broken and simply placed in the slots as a dummy. The Advisor, Uday, assured me that a replacement handle would be ordered and fitted (at no cost to me). I took delivery of the car on the basis o[censored]day's assurance.

I have been regularly been in touch with Shaman's Store-keeper, Uday and Piyush (the Gen. Manager) and had requested my distant relative, Naval Surti, too, to expedite the replacement of the parts broken by Shaman's staff, deliberately or due to gross negligance. After much venting of anger at them, they placed an order for these 2 parts on October 7, 2009 (after a month's follow-up and constant firing that I meted out to these ineffective seniors, whose callous and cavalier attitude stinks and surprises me as to how they managed to get the VV franchise. They (VV) need to be cautioned by you or me, as to the lousy bunch of goofys that have been entrusted with their costly and high tech vehicles. "Couldn't care less" is the motto of Shaman and I have seen it happen again and again, For e.g., while my car was at their SEWRI worhshop for accident repairs, I used to see it covered with more and more bird day after day, for 2 months. Though I had requested them to wash it periodically, nothing would happen. So to show the uniquely (fully) -coated car to my children, I took a few snaps, which I may still be having. Your H.O. in the US would love to see the simple Mondeo, being transformed into a unique / designer car. Also, due to the large rats with which the SEWRI workshop of Shaman is infested, the wiring under my bonnet was destroyed, which I got fixed at S.C. Ford, at my own / substantial cost.

I had forgotten all these unpleasent experiences with Shaman, but this recent apathy on their part and lack of diligence and care towards customer's numerous visits / phone calls to the Advisor, and seniors, has really pissed me off – very badly.

To top it all, while installing my stereo system (duly repaired by Ford, Chennai at Rs. 6,600/- cost, I found that the dashboard clock had stopped. This too, Uday has agreed to set right, when he calls me over for the replacement of the Handle and the glove compartment lock.

I have to request your HEAD of DEALERSHIPS, HEAD of CUSTOMER CARE, to URGENTLY redress my bitter complaint, as above, within the next 3 to 4 days, failing which I shall be compelled to escalate it to your H.Q. in the US and also caution VV on the lousy choice of Service People they have made.

Pl. give me a mobile No. of the Chennai Customer Care Head, so that I can expedite matters.

It would be wothwhile pointing out a few good points about Shaman, that they had during the repairs of my MONDEO, early 2009, after a massive accident, fitted for me, second hand car parts (the costly ones) which I had purchased from scrap dealers, to save my car and salvage it. The SEWRI people were very accommodating in this respect, though I was asked to give in writing that the sub-standard parts would be fitted at my sole responsibility (maybe, the disclaimer is based on Ford's helpful policy in yjios regard). Policy in this regard.


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