Kairali Ford Kochi — 1 month Delay in service due to non availability of spares

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Dispose your ford Car once the warranty period is expired or once its new model is released in market, as you may not get the spares in time, may be you have to weight for one month for the only reason-“SPARES NOT AVAILABLE IN INDIA”

Please feel free and go through my experience with ford service, so that you shall not come across with this fate.

This is about my family car, FORD IKON. On 04/01/2010 evening, I was riding the ford ikon car from Trichur to Cochin. Suddenly an abnormal sound came from engine side, and it was found the steering wheel as well as the brakes got stuck. God’s grace I managed to park the car by the side of the road, without any accident. I telephoned the authorized service dealer of Cochin, M/S KAIRALI FORD and asked for Road Service.

They replied, as it is late, they will attend the next day.

Next day(05/01/2010, the road service personnel came and inspected, and told its Alternator mounting Assembly is damaged and cannot be repaired on road, and the same to be shifted to The Kairali ford service center, by crane. So I asked for Crane Service which they refused to give as it does not come under warranty. So I have to arrange the Crane Myself, which I had to pay Rs2800/- to take it to The Kairali ford service center.
Next day (06/01/2010) the Kairali service personnel inspected the car and reported that its Alternator Mounting Bracket Assembly is damaged and the same spare is out of stock.

As the spare part is out of stock they told it will take 3 days to come from the Chennai Plant. With no options I have to accept and it was really painful for me 3days without car both mentally as well as financially.

Meanwhile, I had to rent a car Paying Rs900/- per day

I waited for 3 days and there was no reply. The fourth day (10/01/2010) I contacted The Kairali ford service center and it was painful to hear the reply that


As I felt the situation is not within reach of Kairali ford service center, I placed a complaint through Email to [protected]@ford.com and [protected]@mgfkerala.com .

The next day (11/01/2010), the former replied through Email (please refer)

Mailbox of [protected]@rediffmail.com

From: Customer, Care (.) <[protected]@ford.com>

To: "jose paul" <[protected]@rediffmail.com>

Subject: Reply from Ford India / Kairali Ford – 9089748

Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 10:20:17 IST

Dear Mr.Jose Paul,

Thank you for contacting Ford India.

We appreciate the time you have taken to write to us regarding your vehicle bearing the VIN number MAJAXXMRTAYY17596. We have noted down the contents of your mail and have taken up the issue with the dealership concerned.

We would revert back to you after we receive relevant information from our dealership. Your concern number is 9089748.

Assuring you of our best services and continuous support at all times.

Thanks and Regards
Customer Relations,
Ford India Limited.

Next Day (12/01/2010) i got a phone call from Kairali Ford that, they have taken up the problem seriously and will update the status shortly.

I waited for 2 days and there were no information. Neither from customer care nor from Service center was responding and they even did not reply to my telephone calls.

With no other options, I sent an email. Please refer my mail correspondences.

Mailbox of [protected]@rediffmail.com

From: jose paul<[protected]@rediffmail.com>

To: <[protected]@ford.com>,<[protected]@mgfkerala.com>

Subject: Fw: Re: Reply from Ford India / Kairali Ford – 9089748

Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 15:28:59 IST
Cc: <[protected]@rediffmail.com>,<[protected]@yahoo.com>

Dear Sir,

Please find the below mail correspondences.
No one is responding and updating the status.

I have contacted Mr. Arun (HR), MrAnil (Service) of Karaili ford, through phone and no one is responding.

It is the 12th day that my vehicle is under breakdown.

Kindly advice whether i will get the car in good condition.


Jose Paul

Note: Forwarded message attached

— Original Message —

From: "jose paul"[protected]@rediffmail.com
To: [protected]@ford.com
Subject: Re: Reply from Ford India / Kairali Ford – 9089748

Dear caring people,

No information, no feed feed backs for the last 2 days.

Will my car be ready in near future?

the absence of the car is affecting my business as well as daily life and a great financial loss to me.



These mails were of no use, as the FORD CUSTOMER CARE didn’t even respond.

On 17/01/2010, I visited Kairali Ford, Cochin and made an enquiry, and they unofficially said that the car will be ready by the month end only. I asked them to arrange an alternative car (as, I was paying Rs900/- per day for renting a car) which they refused.

With all roads closed, I waited patiently and on 02/02/2010, I got a call from Kairali Ford, that the car was ready after repair. I had to pay Rs11300/- and took the car. They only gave Rs3000/- discount.
I have to wait exactly one month, to get my car repaired. And I had to pay approximately Rs30000/- as rent for car.

Its not my fault for delaying the service. And The Ford didn’t consider my financial as well as other damages.

I was a proud owner of Ford IKON, till 04/01/2010 and now I feel pity.

Presently I am planning to dispose my proud Ford Ikon

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