Foundation Manpower Management — Foundation manpower management is a fake consultancy

+91 33 4007 2735
+91 85 8381 9482
+91 70 4457 7689
33 A JL Nehru Road,"Chatterjee International Center", 16th Floor, Room No-21, Kolkata, West Bengal, India – 700071

Foundation Manpower Management is a fake consultancy. I think government should take steps against this consultancy. I will commit a complain to "KRETA SURAKSHA DAPTOR" (govt of westbengal ) to take proper steps against this fraud consultancy . I also request to all that please don't register your name in this fake consultancy like me. They take 700 rupees and say "kal kei tomar ekta interview hobe" or "2 ba 1 diner modhye phn kore bole debo interview date " like this etc. etc. But after registration they forget all. I was registered my name here 7 sep, 2015 . But till now tara ekbarer jonno call korar proyojon mone koreni. Ami jokon call korechi tokon sudue wait korte bola hoyeche ba phone kete deoya hoyeche. so be aware about this MOST FAKE CONSULTANCY PLEASE.

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