[Resolved] Foundation Manpower Management — interviews arranged are not matched with the candidate requirements

+91 33 4007 2735
+91 85 8381 9482
+91 70 4457 7689
33 A JL Nehru Road,"Chatterjee International Center", 16th Floor, Room No-21, Kolkata, West Bengal, India – 700071

I have enrolled with this agency for over two years. The counselors talk a lot when they enroll you and the lady was trisha. They took rs 1500 enrollment for two years. Prior they had taken rs 1200 for one year and the lady name was madhushri. The interviews arranged are not in line with the my profile inspite of repeating explaining my requirement. Earlier they used to call and fix the interview. Now they just send an interview. When i went to complain these tewo ladies are absconding and their head ms. Ranjana patra is on maternity leave for the last two years. I advise that please don't enroll with such an agency. Please arrange to refund me my enrollment fees.

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