Frameboxx Institute — Courses not delivered as promised

+91 22 6675 3203
101-108, 1st Floor, Shoppers Point, S.V. Road, Andheri(W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400059

We had registered at Frameboxx for a three year course, We were promised certain list of subjects to be taught during the three year period by an employee who left the institute within a years time from the date of our admission.
Now the new employed consultant and the manager deny of certain subjects that were promised and claim that since it was an ex employee who promised all this, and Now we cant take responsibility..
I am veyr upset since I based my decision on the number of courses I was offered during intial stage. A written document was also presented, still the insititute denied giving any further courses.
Hence I need someone to assist and I want to make sure no one else is made a fool like how we were made.

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