[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — False Promise, Poor Management

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False promises
This review is for those who wants to know that frankinn institute is best for their future or not.
Well, I joined Franfinn institute in Chandigarh branch, I consulted with Mr. Atul who is currently a head of the branch, I told them that I am working right now because of my family financial condition so i want to be in the morning batch because i have to go to work also in the afternoon. Mr Atul promised me that I will be in morning batch and also if I can join today I will get scholarship in which i can save 15, 000 only if I can submit the fee same day.
I came back to home talk to my father, in very short notice me and my father collected some moeny and we deposited the registration fee in Chandigarh branch same day. After 15 days i received a call from them that my classes will start on next Monday. Well, i went to the institute and i was surprised that they were asking PDC cheque [ PDC cheques are for those who want to give their fees in installement]. Well I asked Mr. Atul that they didn’t informed anyone in the batch that they have to submit the PDC cheque and i got reply from him that it is compulsory to submit the PDC cheque or else u won’t be able to continue your course even the registration fee I deposited already will not be refundable. For 1 week they didn’t start they classes and were keep calling us in institute to pay the remaining FEES and PDC cheques.

a) HERE is the FIRST point of this branch that they lied me the very first day they didn’t informed me that I have to give PDC cheques for my instalment plan, if they would told me in the beginning I would happy .
Well, what to do i gave them PDC cheque because nothing is more important then my future. I submit my FEES and PDC cheque to Mr. Varun [ accountant], i was begging for atlest 10-15 days to give me the receipt Mr. Varun was so busy in collecting the fees and PDC cheques that’s why every single student have to wait for 10-15 days to get the receipt.
They changed my batch time I told almost every Franfinn faculty that I also have job where I have to be at time and i been promised by Mr. Atul that you timimings will remain same… one of they faculty said to me you can go early we don’t have any problem but u will be losing your lectures.
They never start the lecture on time and they finish the lecture on time. Poor Management. I been struggling every day to reach my office. After a month i joined frankinn My father is a handicapped person he was suffering from physical pain I was unable to continue the course. I told them i won’t be able to continue the course due to family problem.
a) I took AGS course[airport ground staff] but the Chandigarh branch they didn’t provide me the proper recipt for AGS fees they gave me different course receipt by telling me that they are having a problem in their software.
b) They lied to me every time about the fees about the course in everything they lied to me.
c) They never give me any knowledge about AGS they put me in the batch where everyone have other course and i was they only one who have AGS course.
d) Management is so poor, infrastructure so 2rd class, Franfinn is a big Brand and infrastructure is like u are sitting in a government school.
e) Classes will never start on time.
f) Accountant will come every day while lecture is going on and asking about the fees and PDC cheques, he don’t care if student will get disturbed,
g) Student complaint facilities are so poor, I complained through email about these thing many times to head office but I got no response, I even tried to call in the head office nobody answered the phone and phone will keep on ringing and ringing and ringing.
h) Computer lab, in computer lab hardly 3-4 computer are working that’s it… more than 50 students they have in their branch who took classes every day.
i) They promised me that they will adjust the timings so that I will not face any problem to go to my office but they didn’t do that
j) I had been in this institute for 30 days in 30 days they were closed 3 days because they got problem in their Air conditon so they were closed and no even informed the students. Students who travel every day to come to take classes faced problem.

I was not going to the institute so I got call from Frankfinn chandigard branch they told me to came over the institute and they gonna need a written letter to me that I won’t be able to continue the course because of my family issues and also refund my admission fee because i only deposite the admission fee after a month i discontinued my course. I went to December, 2014 now its march i got no calls from the head office not even from the chandigarh branch, they even didn’t returned my PDC cheques yet.

Believe me guys this is not the place to built your future. But yes if wanna fun and have no problem about your better future you are welcome to join frankfinn.

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