[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — freud happening with student at frankfinn bhopal

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Respected sir
I am vaibhav singh chouhan a student of frankfinn. I'm doing my aviation, hospitality, travel management diploma from frankfinn bhopal. There are a lot of problems which are as follows –
1- our english classes are being conducted from the time i have taken admission and i already know english when rebled about they make fake promessies
2-they don't have proper trainers and hiring local people to teach us. When asked why, they say head office is not providing us trainers. And # to us about the lazy work of headoffice.
3-when enquieing bout all this the, they scare us with our place ment
4-at the time of admission they have a proper sceam of fooling the customer and distracting the customer and getting him to sign all the paper so that he donot understand the initials and being ammazed by the proffesion sign all the document which is against the indian judiciary.
5-during admission they told us a lot of lies-
5.1-they said they will take 99% guarantee of our placement and now they are backing off.
5.2-when we submitted our fee, they initially gave a receipt which had information only about the amount and confirmation of fee deposited. But later on they exchanged those receipts with electronic receipts which had certain statements that we were not informed about.
5.3-they said they have a tie-up with vlcc for our grooming classes and they will be providing us makeup kits. But at the end we had to purchase that ourselves and no vlcc trainer was provided.
5.4-they said they'll complete the syllabus on time and by the end of 1 year we would be having job in our hand, which as per current situations is not going to happen any time soon.
6-they treat us as if we are just here to give money
7-they don't have any necessary equipments required for our proper training. When asked they said we donot have funds for it. How can this be when 1 student is paying 2lakh rupies and now in frankfinn there woud be nore than 200 students
8-making false promises and hiding the truth – our grooming and aviation trainer resigned because they were not providing her any thing for our class like safety kit, cutlery and many other necessary equipment required for proper training. They wanted her as well to fool us. For whish she denied and was fired
9-asking students to collect money for unofficial use in order to celebrate instead which should be taken from offfice people
10- breeching our and our parent's trust on frankfinn. And also diverting the parents with there false promises
11-playing with students future. And money
12-when we complain about it to the center sales manager and center operation manager, they lie to us and give us false hopes and promisses. And try to cover the there freud
13-no proper infrastructure provided – class are not sound proof, grooming room is too small. Proper hygiene is not maintained. And students complaints are unheard as they have got no value.
14-making some frankfinn students who are good in english teach the students at frankfinn.in the name of part of training
15-they recent gave an add in dainik bhaskar new paper regarding requirement of trainers for every module. Which means again not so trained trainers
16-they are not following head office rules and not forwarding correct information to them.
Sir at the end of the story this is a huge scam of crores of money and from which i think only you can save use
I belive that you would have understood my problem and would definately do something

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Vaibhav singh chouhan
Frankfinn bhopal

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