[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — we need space for group assignment discussion and also a big grooming room for girls as well

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Hello i'm tejaswini patil, from your institute andheri (West) branch. I would want to request you to atleast make a room or space available for students for group assignment discussion so that they can discuss about the assignment in groups. As you might be knowing we are given a lots of assignment back to back in individual as well as group, it gets difficult for everyone to decide a place where they can meet for a longer time for discussion outside. Most o[censored]s stay at different places and some stay quite far and it's not possible for us to do back and forth. Hence we stay back after our lectures and within the building we wait somewhere in the corner and discuss. Even there we aren't allowed to wait for the work so where are we suppose to do it. It would be a kind request that if you can arrange a room or permit us a space within the building that can be used for group work discussion. And second thing is that the girls grooming room is very small and the number of girls come in the grooming room is very high. It gets difficult for us to use the grooming room when it is so crowded. We can't even move inside sometimes due to the high traffic inside. I would like to request if you can make some arrangements for a bigger grooming room for girls and also timely cleaning of grooming to be maintained.

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