ACT Fibernet — ACT Fibernet Broadband – fibernet disconnected for no reason and tickets closed with customer confirmation

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+91 72 8899 9999
+91 91 2121 2121
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ACT Fibernet Address
Golden Heights, 59th “C” Cross, 4th “M” Block, Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – 560010

THIS IS A Fourth SUBMISSION, BUT ACT management is not reverted YET

Sr: [protected] / ACT Fibernet #4211986

My compliants are closed without my consent..where I was waiting for a call back from ACT management. But ACT team is least bothered about their customer.

My act connection has been disconnected more than once in the same day stating “Requested by customer or amount due. Called customer care team three times, explained there is on due from my end and the invoice generated yesterday for the amount 499 is a netflix subscription which was taken on 18th june late evening ist timezone. And the due date is on 3rd july.

This disconnections have caused major impact to my multiple conference calls with my customer and have to switch to mobile data. It impacted my children’s online classes too.

Sent an email to act today morning requesting call back from customer care management, no response till now. Called customer care more than three times, but no option available to speak to manager or higher management.

Writing this email with patience again expecting a call back only from management with the compensation for the impact, stress caused by the act team. If act team dont respond in next 24 hrs, i will call my lawyer to file a consumer complaint against act management.

Note: taken 6 +1 months subscription by paying one time payment. It ends only on 11th july 2021, so that i can renew. Netflix subscription taken on 18th june (invoice amount: 499) generated, due date is 3rd july. Act have -3.2 as a balance from my account as on today.

Let’s see how much act customer care team care for their customers and how act is going to address my issue.

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