[Resolved]  Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital — improper handling of the patient

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On 27th of march, i informed the staff to increase the ac as it was really hot in there, it took them 4 hrs to do that. The main doctor never came as informed to us by the duty doctor that he will be coming soon. No medication was given to him for 2 days for his stomach ailment and they stopped his heart medicine. It was a mandatory medicine and i believe that was the reason for his demise.3 hrs before my fathers death, my cousin spoke to the main doctor and he ensured that everythings gonna be ok and the next day he will be discharged but infact he did not survive for 2 hrs. On 27th itself my father told the duty doctor that he can breathe properly and he does not need a ventilator. They forced the ventilator on him due to which my father was restless and they tied his both hands. When i asked about their actions, they told me they know what they are doing and threw me out of the icu. This kind of behaviour is not expected from a reputed hospital. When the patient needed more of attention and caring as promised, his hands were tied when he was very very scared. We followed the hospital protocol and left the place. My main concern over here is why the main doctor did not visit and why we were not informed about his actual issue. No medication provided, and what did the doctor see in the patient that he assured us that he will be discharged tomorrow whereas he passed away the same day. I would like to get a reply back from you as i deserve to know what went wrong. For you he was just a patient but for us we lost a family.
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Patient name – selvanarayan ethiraj munuswamy
Admmited on – 26/03/2018

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