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My name is Ketan Deval.
I travelled from Bangalore to Delhi on Tuesday via Flight I5 741 i.e. on 27th July 2021.

While dropping my luggage my initially selected seat was 15B i.e. an middle seat.
At Luggage dropping point I requested if I can an window seat if there’s an empty one. I was told at that time that there are no empty window seats however if I pay an amount of ₹350 I will get the only available window seat i.e. 6F.

I was charged ₹350 but to my surprise When I got on board was most of the window seats were vacant throughout the 2hr 50 mins flight.

Not that I am bothered about the money that I paid because I fancy window seats as I myself am a fighter pilot.

It was disheartening to see people lying about this to make money. I am sure the money did not go to any individual as I got a receipt, but what I think is I should have got a window seat upon request.

Denying my request by saying a lie was what I found incorrect.

Though I am not a regular traveller but I will never again travel by Air Asia and suggest my colleagues to avoid the same sharing my experience.

Ketan Deval

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