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Dear Sir / Madam,

Yesterday I received refund of Rs. 914 towards my mother’s air-ticket. Details given below:

Ticket 1 (My mother’s Air-ticket):
Booking Reference: Z995T
Name: Mrs. Rani Seethapathy
Chennai to Singapore (14-Apr-2020)
Bank: IDBI Bank
Amount: Rs. 7307
RA Number: 098A614395W8J

Ticket 2 (My Air-ticket):
Booking Reference: H53VK
Name: Mr. Jagan Babu Seethapathy
Singapore to Chennai (10-Apr-2020)
Chennai to Singapore (14-Apr-2020)
Price: S$ 255.90 (Singapore Dollar)

Please allow me to explain this further.

I booked return air-ticket (ticket 2) for myself to travel to chennai to attend my brother’s death anniversary which was on 11-Apr-2020.
On my return, I want to bring my mother with me to singapore. As she can’t travel alone, my assistance was needed.

On 09-Mar-2020, I received email from AIR INDIA, stating that “DUE TO OPERATIONAL REASONS” flight on 10-Apr-2020 was cancelled and rescheduled to 11-Apr-2020. Attached email copy for your reference.

Due to the cancellation of flight by AIR INDIA, my entire travel schedule was disrupted and I did not attend my brother’s death anniversary and could not bring my mother to singapore. This forced me to cancel my air-ticket and my mother’s air-ticket.

I understand that Indian government announced lockdown from last week of March 2020 and singapore government announced lockdown from 1st week of April 2020. All flights were cancelled and both governments ordered to refund entire amount to travelers.

Honestly, I don’t find any of my fault and whereas I am suffering a loss of Rs. 6418 (Rs. 7332 – Rs. 914). Once again, I would like to highlight that I was forced to cancel all my air-tickets due to “CANCELLATION OF FLIGHT BY AIR INDIA”, “LOCKDOWN ANNOUNCED BY INDIAN GOVERNMENT AND SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT”.

I waited patiently for past 14 months. The stress and financial loss which I suffered are can’t be explained by words.

I request AIR INDIA to refund balance amount Rs. 6418 immediately and feedback me with valid reason within 3 working days.

Thanks and Regards,
Jagan Babu

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