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Air India Phone
+91 11 2462 4075 [Helpdesk]
+91 22 2581 8515
+44 207 760 3290 [UK]
Air India Website
Air India Address
Marine Drive, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400021

Respected authority

transaction ID- 0986G143959PR
as per the above transaction ID provided from AIR INDIA call center also provide information that AIR INDIA made a refund 16 day ago but till today I didn’t get the refund amount yet. besides that nobody provides me information which I need as per below
1-what is the refund amount?
2-on which date you made a refund?

I’m requesting air india to provide me this information ASAP

I already made lots of complaints about this question but also I didn’t get a single reply from Air India so I’m providing the CASE ID below to prove my points.

thank you

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