Airtel — Converted prepaid number to postpaid by promising wrong benefits

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I am a airtel broadband customer and was using I had Airtel Xtream plan. On January 15, 2021 I got a call from Airtel advisor named Mohammed Afzal ([protected]) and over the call he told me that as part of your Airtel Xtream plan there is a benefit in which you will get 2 postpaid numbers free under One Airtel Plan. He promised following things

1. Two prepaid numbers converted to postpaid with Unlimited calling and 85G data per month for each number.
2. The broadband plan will remain as it is.
3. The bill of INR 1499 + GST would remain the same.

He came to my home and I verified his identity card and he was actually Airtel employee, so I got the numbers converted to postpaid as promised.

After 2 weeks or so when my numbers were converted I opened the Airtel app and was shocked to see that everything that airtel advisor promised was wrong and a big lie. The Airtel app showed me following changes.

1. My broadband speed was reduced from 300mbps to 200mbps.
2. For my primary converted number the data was 75G.
3. For the secondary number the Data was Chargable.

So I wrote to Airtel appellate at appellate.[protected] on Feb 11, 2021 and mentioned the entire case to them. I also provided them the name and phone number of the airtel advisor as they asked for it.

Even after providing them all the details to airtel, they have done absolutely nothing to resolve my issue or fulfill the commitment made their advisor.

I also told them I never called/emailed airtel to offer me One Airtel Plan or convert my numbers to postpaid, it was their advisor who came to me, made wrong and false promises and even then Airtel is doing nothing about it.

All they do send a copy/paste email saying that they have escalated my issue from past 2 weeks.

This is pure case of cheating with customer and I would request your assistance to resolve this issue for me.

I would request you to advise airtel to either offer me the same benefits which their advisor promised as this is resulting in more bill for me.

Rohit Bhanot

Converted prepaid number to postpaid by promising wrong benefits
Converted prepaid number to postpaid by promising wrong benefits

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