Alcatel Lucent — pathetic customer service

Alcatel Lucent Phone
+33 155 141 010
Alcatel Lucent Website
Alcatel Lucent Address
148/152 Route de la Reine,, Boulogne-Billancourt, France – 92100

I purchased a handset alcatel a7 from amazon in november 2018, unfortunately the touch screen went bad, i went to one of the service center as it was under warranty. They raised a service request on 2nd october (Rvsrn1810ssa00002) and i was informed that it will get repaired within 7-10 days. I went again to their service center on 9th october 2018 and i was informed still the screen has not been dispatch from delhi office and they didn’t have any answer when i will get or when they will get.

Called the so called hotline ([protected]) spoke to the rep – sandeep (With no last name) – he was robotic, with no clue why he is there & why he is answering the call, he was rude, with no empathy and had no answer to my questions, also he denied when i asked about his supervisor (He said he don’t report to anyone), listening to that i disconnected the call.

My request to all you guys is just help the problem to get resolved asap, and fix that person or else i will post a strong review on every social platform.

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