Allen Career Institute — Physics faculty to be changed

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+91 90 0109 9103 [Saakar]
+91 90 0109 9101 [Saakar]
+91 74 4515 6100 [Sabal]
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ALLEN Career Institute Address
“Sankalp” CP-6, Indra Vihar, Kota, Uttar Pradesh, India – 324005

We have done this complaint previous year also, but no great response, so we are still stuck with our same sir, who himself seems to have no interest in teaching us and no enthusiasm at all. Everytime he also used to be late to classes last year. Syllabus also not completed at time, and if it is completed by some magic then he will go so fast during the last lecturers before any test. His handwriting is also so poor, I know handwriting doesn’t matter that much, but least the students should understand what is that formula written on the board.
Faculty name : Sushil Sinha
Branches: in Allen Mumbai
Please take some urgent steps in this problem, we are not here to just waste our lacks of money on some faculties like him

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