Amazon India — Cancelling order suddenly without valid reason

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I was interested in this multimeter probes sold by a seller named GLCo on Amazon India. Since this was not urgent, the item was lying in my wish list for a few days.
Recently I found that the cost of the item was brought down to 125 from original value of 199. So I placed my order and got an order confirmation and money debited from my amazon Pay balance.

A few minutes later the cost of the item went back to 199 and realizing that seller was never interested to sell it at 125, they cancelled my order.

When contacted Amazon they stated fake reasons of Covid. But I can still now when the price is 199 add the item to cart and place my order. It’s successful.

It’s expected that if a seller is not getting a proper margin, they should never bring the cost down and if they do so and you get an order, honor it.

Please be aware of this seller named GLCo on amazon india.

Cancelling order suddenly without valid reason
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