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The delivery personnel of Amazon
(a) Do not wear any uniform.
(b) Do not carry any Identity card.
(c) Do not know their PIN.

In my latest order delivery, I received a SMS from Amazon that the delivery would be done in the day from 07.00 hours till 21.00 hours.

This is a very long duration and does not serve any purpose except for the date as whole day is covered. This duration should be divided into 2-hour duration or at least forenoon and afternoon duration.

The Amazon message also contained the phone number and PIN of the delivery person.

However, I received a call from an unknown number.
As I was busy in that point in time, I called that number 3 times after 15 minutes but there was no reply.

In the meantime, I received a delivery attempt message from Amazon. On checking from security personnel, I was informed that NO Amazon delivery personnel had come to the colony. So, it appears that the delivery person had made a call from some other location without even coming to the colony and made a delivery attempt message.

Then, I rang up the contact number provided in Amazon SMS.
The authorised delivery person informed me that someone else is carrying that package and I may contact another number.
On contacting that provided number, I was told that he was not carrying that package and someone else is carrying that package and will contact.

How come the delivery person get changed leading to impersonation and security hazard to senior citizens and security related duty personnel?

I received a call from the same number after 3-4 hours and I was told that he will not be delivering the package on that day as he was busy on another route. I requested him to deliver on the same day as it was meant for an occasion on that day. But he refused and said that he will do an early morning delivery next day. Then, I asked him his PIN but he had no understanding of PIN and started arguing about OTP.

Next day, I again received a SMS at 12.27 hours, which informed about a phone number and PIN of the delivery person.
However, again at 13.27 hours a person called up from an unknown number and started conforming my identity without any self-introduction.
On questioning about his identity became rude and misbehaving.
Then there was no attempt for any contact or any delivery.

There are too many fraud calls daily and advisories about such incidents. How come Amazon personnel do not identify themselves and are permitted to make calls from private numbers?

Next day I received a mail of technical hitch regarding the delivery. After, 48 hours I received a refund notification.

The above sequence of action clearly depicts a serious security lapse on the part of Amazon delivery personnel, quality of training of personnel and handling of orders.

In addition to the above a harassment has been caused by returning the package.

The issue may be raised till the appropriate level for judicious resolution.

An early resolution will be highly appreciated.

Happy Independence Day, in Advance.

Col Jai Krishin Chawla, PhD (Veteran)
Mob [protected]
(Kargil warrior)

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