Amazon India — Fake/Dummy calls from customer care, unsealed/damaged packages done by delivery agents

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+91 40 3992 1111
+91 80 4197 0000 [Bangalore]
+91 44 3088 3088 [Chennai]
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Q-city, 2nd Floor-Block A & Block B, Survey Number-109,110,111/2, Nanakramguda Village, Serlingamplayy Mandal, Ranga Reddy, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India – 500032

please note : Due to this COVID people are taking undue advantage of their customers’. Calling them from dummy/false contact numbers pretending to be Customer Care of Amazon, and many other companies etc, . where we try to contact these companies, there is no option to press to talk to customer care or even if there is in some companies, they don’t receive the call or don’t reply to my mails as if it has been mentioned or told prior to someone not to receive or reply to particular numbers or e-mail IDs. If I am ordering from Amazon, Flipkart or any other shopping website, since last many years and in last 2 years happening more that I get wrong colored or wrong sized product deliberately, thinking that I may return it or replace it. while communicating with customer care nowadays I get fake calls as customer care where explaining for several times through phone or e-mails, my issues don’t get solved. 1. Fake/ dummy calls of customer care boys/girls. 2. The delivery agents boys come at any time either at 7 am or 8 pm afterwards. 3. Crushing or tearing my online ordered product’s packages – boxes / bags before delivering to me, so that I shall return the package and waste my time in it. 4. Deliberately contacting the person’s where I order my products online and telling them to send wrong colored products or wrong size products. This happened when I tried ordering from Facebook account. 5. Forcefully asking me to pay by card or online even if my orders with the email ID [protected] +91 [protected] or with my father’s & mother’s joint Amazon account. 6. By grouping with society security guards, delivery boys mistalk with me. I already have lodged complain against cyber crime, e-mail and other accounts hacking, gmail accounts, paypal, skrill, facebook, social media accounts hacking & fake accounts creating, controlling the websites or customer care where I try to work or shop online by stalking, abuse on the name of religions, languages, castes, marriage, career, simswap by misusing my IDs from such platforms or mobile network provider service centers by making groups and contacting some people from my (Dombivli, Thane, Kharghar, Kolhapur) city, neighborhood, schools, colleges, jobs, classes, relatives as these wanted to ruin my career, marriage, reputation, character, contacts, where they failed in doing so, so they are doing it even more as if these have rights on me or my parents or things which I do. As per their thinking I need to keep contact to such groups of boys, girls, men, women whose name I will mention for further investigation, where these can do any crimes of abusing a girl (me), listening her personal conversations, using her government identity cards, stalking her, imitating her only, ruining environment of wherever she goes jobs, classes, social media, contacts. My lodged police complaint is still not been solved. These particular group of people don’t let me contact to anyone or go ahead by my own in my career or marriage or creating my own teams/contacts, reputation, social status. I was living in Dombivli in my parents house and I have shifted in Kharghar in my parents house only on 27th February 2020. My parents along with my brother shifted to Kharghar in August 2017. Wherever I am living, people living in front of my window stalk me or people living above or below our apartment stalk me, my internet activity, in this sense many unwanted boys with the help o[censored]nwanted girls try to ruin my pure character, reputation, image, abuse me verbally, physically, socially, economically on the name of marriage, career, religion, languages, caste and so on. I am correct and these people are wrong and doing unlawful activities which can be seen in every proof I will upload. Kindly understand my concern and resolve my issue ASAP. It would be of much help.
Thank you and Regards,
Vaibhavi Shinde.

Fake/Dummy calls from customer care, unsealed/damaged packages done by delivery agents
Fake/Dummy calls from customer care, unsealed/damaged packages done by delivery agents
Fake/Dummy calls from customer care, unsealed/damaged packages done by delivery agents
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