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Please note that i admitted my father (radha kant khandelwal) in hospital in amri salt lake in bed no 2708 on 2nd of april’ 2021 as he was covid positive.
Unfortunately he fell from his bed on 7th morning and as per doctors he suffered fracture / dislocation. But in spite of this, hospital is not taking care of orthopaedic treatment and i was asked to discharge the patient. The hospital staff told me that they will not provide orthopaedic treatment in spite of the fact that the patient is in unbearable pain and is not able to move at all.
They are constantly pressuring me to discharge the patient. I fail to understand this kind of behaviour from a reputed hospital. They should do the required treatment as how i am suppose to take the patient home in such condition. I have consulted other hospital and they are not ready to take in covid positive patient for orthopaedic treatment.
I want amri hospital, salt lake to give me in writing that they want to shift the patient out of this hospital in his present condition.
Amri saltlake should provide me alternative hospital who will admit the patient and will do the required treatment.
Vaibhav khandelwal – [protected]

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