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Amri hospital has been one stop solution for my family since last 2 years. My family went for surgery and regular check up several times. Our experience was very good until today. But perception changed today by a doctor today. My father consulting dr. Sushanta mohanty (Dermatologist) from last 2 weeks. After taking his medication my dad had bad reaction and he went to see dr sushanta. The way dr treated him is very unprofessional. Here are the few words what dr reacted for a medicine reaction.

* if you are getting secure headache after using medication. You can go and see neurologist.

* i don’t know why you are getting those rashes after taking these medication. If you want you can stop them.

* nothing wrong with my prescription i don’t know why you are getting rashes and headache.

Is this the right way to treat patients? Dr sushanta doesn’t know the basics ethics how to treat or talk to people. I request management to look this matter seriously and help other patients in future

Name of the patient-jagatananda jena
Hospital – bhubaneswar

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