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My Mother has been under treatment under Dr. Shyamasis Bandyopadhyay for the last 9 years. Currently Dr. Bandyopadhyay has referred my mother for an opinion of CT release. I have taken an appointment with Dr. Ranadeep Rudra and he has prescribed for an operation. I have gone through all formalities for admission as per his advice on 1st day review, needless to say he has taken only 2min and was not willing to hear the patient’s concerns. However as per his advice I have done a test of Rs. 7, 450 (Excluding Dr. Rudra fees of Rs. 1000) from Apollo Hospital Kolkata. I have received all the approval from the Insurance based on a doctor signed and written for admission on 7th Dec 2020 and released date on 8th Dec 2020.

I called his assistant on 6th Dec 2020 at around 8.15PM and confirmed the admission, he advised me to call him on tomorrow ( 7th Dec 2020) post admission, however before taking final admission I personally reached out to Dr. Rudra’s assistant for the confirmation. As per him Dr. Rudra is busy and will not talk, so take admission and come at 12PM. I have followed the same instructions and admitted patients after a long time.

When I reached out to Dr. Rudra, he told me that I did not advise to admit the patient as he has written in the prescription that ‘ Review report’ although he mentioned the admission date and released date in another paper and signed.

I requested him to review the report and leave a note for admission but he told me very arrogantly to release the patient first and then he will leave a note for admission.

After following the long process he has written a note for admission.

I wanted to clarify about the food restriction but he shouted at me very badly in front of other patients and refused to operate, also mentioned I am an uneducated person, so blindly followed his instructions. He strongly humiliated me and my mother who is patient (55years Old) and came today from Krishnanagr.

From this pathetic journey My Mother is not feeling well now.

After that we reached out to Asst. Director of Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals and shared the same. He advised me to take admission and he will help to very smoothly process the admission process but when we came to the admission counter the associate told me ( at 4PM) Dr. Ranadeep Rudra advised to take admission at 8PM. Is this something jokes going on with patients?

After that we reached out to Dr. Bandyopadhyay and as per his advice I have taken dr. Appointment in Columbia Asia Hospital Salt Lake.

I believe Apollo Gleneagles Hospital trusts and follows the respect of individual methodology. I have paid a high amount for good treatment and reverted with harassment, waste money and humiliation. Apart from that my mother’s health has deteriorated for the 10 hours historical journey in Apollo hospital Kolkata.

My request to the higher management to take appropriate action against Dr. Ranadeep Rudra and give my Money back of Rs. 8450 immediately.

Waiting for your quick response.


Kousik Biswas

Mob. [protected]

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