Apollo Hospital — I am complaining about the Apollo hospitals management .Money making hospital .Taking advantage of people’s helplessness.

Apollo Hospital Phone
+91 44 2829 3333
+91 44 2829 0200
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Apollo Hospital Address
No. 21, Greams Lane,Off. Greams Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600006

I have admitted my father on 24 February 2021 in Apollo hospital Lucknow.He was suffering from severe coronary dysfunction.I have consulted with Dr Ajay Bahadur cardiologist.He was not taking our permission and suggestion about what treatment he will do he was only telling that he will place temporary pacemaker so that my father’s heart will pump and nothing odd will happen.But at the time he did the operation and place the temporary pacemaker my father’s condition is become critical.This information is also they are hiding.My father’s body is not able to sustain this temporary pacemaker.This hospital is giving us false hope till midnight that my father’s heart rate is improving.But no one in the family is allowed to see the patient.Only one attendant is allowed in the hospital but that person is also will stay in waiting lounge not with the patient.This is rediculous.We are not sure what happens with my father.At the time we entered the hospital they have given sedation to my father and he is unconscious.No one in the family can see the patient they are just informing us what treatment they are doing but we are not allowed to see my father.Firstly they have given hope that my father is improving and suddenly they have informed me that he is critical and the next minute they have informed me that my father is no more.

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