Apollo Hospital — Wrong Billing related to COVID 19 treatment

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To The Hospital Administration,

Indo – US Super specialty Hospital (Apollo Spectra hospital),

7-1-57/ B&C Shyam Karan Road,

Anand Bagh, Ameerpet,

Hyderabad – 500016.

Dear Concern,

This is with ref. to discussion held on 10.06.2021 at your corporate office at Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

I am writing to complain about billing for my husband, Mr. Rupesh Kumar Jha ( IP[protected] treatment at your hospital . He was admitted from 30th April 2021 to 4th May 2021.

Throughout his treatment the hospital never shared the details of Bill on a daily basis . Nevertheless, when he got discharged from the hospital, on that day as well we didn’t receive Final Bill as they required sometime to manipulate and do forgery with the same to arrive at some insane Bill amount.

Case Brief :

· My husband was being hospitalized as referred by Dr. Kiran Macha. Even after requesting him for home treatment, the doctor advised to admit him in an emergency.

· I kept on requesting at reception for cashless as Indo – Us Hospital was part of Network hospital under my corporate Insurance but they simply denied and asked to deposit 1 lac immediately mentioning that beds are available only on First come First basis.

· It has also been mentioned that its totally management’s decision to consider the case under cashless or not.

· Total Bill charged was Rs. 206962/- just for 5 days which was shocking for my Insurance Company as 50 % of the amount was overbilled .

· An amount of Rs. 102710/- were charged specifically under Services & Procedures Head which comes under Non Payable as these are part of Room Rent & can’t be charged twice. It’s unethical.

Further would like to highlight few discrepancies which clearly indicates Scam/ Forgery/ Manipulation to extract maximum from victim:

Ø My husband got transferred to Hospital room at 6.30 P.M on 30th April 2021 still wrong Services are being charged as below just to over Bill:


Ø Further, he got discharged at 12 P.M on 04th May 2021, still was billed same as day before :



Ø Sanitization Charges of ICU & common area have been charged daily however, patient has never been shifted to ICU and how can Rs. 8800/- per day be charged for common area sanitization?


Ø While discussion it has been communicated that PPE for F & B Services is a cost incurred against an individual delivering food . Person coming for food delivery is for the entire floor and not just for one patient. Moreover, how can it cost 1850 /- per meal per person? Assuming two staff serving 100 people on multiple floors, the hospital would be earning 180000/- per meal delivered against PPE kit charges. Hence, as per our assumption hospital must have spent maximum 2000/- on PPE Kit and is earning 3-4 lacs on it. Its highly unethical.

All these are only a few instances and are too absurd. It may be mentioned that we are not highlighting over billing in the Pharmacy section as we are not much aware about medicine costs .

Wrong Billing related to COVID 19 treatment
Wrong Billing related to COVID 19 treatment
Wrong Billing related to COVID 19 treatment
Wrong Billing related to COVID 19 treatment
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