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I have purchased an iPhone 12 on Feb 17, 2021 and since then I am facing a major issue with this phone. There is a continuous single drop or signal strength is too low because of which I keep on missing my important calls and my friends/family have started complaining of not being able to reach me or my voice is not clear.

I initially thought it was because of the carrier/SIM, so I got a new SIM and got it checked with the network provider too. Then it was found that the issue is with the IPhone as SIM/network performs great in other Android phones. Since then, I have been following up with the Apple support team (last 4 weeks and Case ID #[protected] and there is NO resolution.
Whenever I request a call, the support team will call and put me on hold for 10-15 mins with a promise to callback as they can’t provide immediate resolution. As a result, I don’t get a call back nor the problem is resolved.

I thought Apple is very much customer oriented and their support is the best. But my TRUST with Apple, quality of products and their support is completely broken especially after buying such an expensive and latest iPhone.

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