Apple India — IPhone X. Purchased when launched in India. Face ID not working and other glitches.

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Hello. My dad had purchased an iPhone X immediately after launch in India. In the past year or so, he has been plagued by small glitches here and there.
Text messages would often say no delivered. Sometimes it would be delivered and sometimes not. Rendering it useless.

Share option does not include whatsapp.

Most recently, his Face ID stopped working. The apple centre removed the the face ID and tried to register a new one. But now it just says that face ID is unavailable.

They are saying that repair is almost impossible and chances of it working are slim.

The only reason I push him for iPhone is usability and lack of such issues. His previous phone was 5S which he bought immediately after launch as well and it worked well after he switched to X.

Face ID is the primary way of protecting the iPhone. It doesn’t even have a fingerprint and it’s ridiculous to use PIN every time after buying a more than 1, 00, 000 rupee phone merely three years ago.

It’s too soon for us to upgrade satisfactorily. And service is essentially telling us nothing can be done.

Don’t expect this from Apple. And definitely not after paying so much for it.

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