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I went to Fortis Hospital, Jaipur to get consultancy of Dr. Ankit Mathur For my daughter at 10 AM on 10/04/2018.
I pay Rs.500 for his consultancy under Bill Number 1102/18/O/Cs/0003977.
I was informed by the person on counter outside his chamber that Dr. Ankit Bansal will be there in his chamber within 5-10 minutes. It was the repeated answer by the person at counter till around one hour. After that I made a call to Dr. Ankit Bansal to know how much more time I need to wait, by getting his number from his prescription.
But against to my expectations to a Doctor, he replied very rudely that "How dare you to call me directly, you should ask to receptionist only, he knows everything about me". I said that he is saying 10 minutes, 10 minutes every time, then I got your number from your prescription and make a call.
Dr. Ankit Bansal again rudely replied "if the number is there means you will pick the phone and call me, I am not easily available" etc etc.
And around after 30 minutes he arrived to his chamber and again talked like a illiterate person & said "I am not a general physician and not easily available for you. For future if you want to get my consultancy, you have to accept this rule and will not make a call to me. also said that it is INDIA, and if we will be in USA, after 5 PM the Doctor is noy available for you."
Now I want to ask you that why you mentioned the mobile number of a Doctor to your Hospital'' prescription, if a patient can't make a call to him. And while a Doctor is giving the example o[censored]SA, then why you have hired him in INDIA.
And the most important thing I want to share with you that the person or patient know the "FORTIS ESCORTS HOSPITAL" not the Dr. Ankit Bansal. A lot of M.D. (Respiratory) Drs. are here in Jaipur, even DM, Pulmonary Drs. are also here, while "FORTIS ESCORTS HOSPITAL" is only single here.
You may check the behaviour of well qualified and senior Doctor at "Eternal Hospital, Jaipur".
For what Dr. Ankit Bansal have the superior complex in himself, I don't know. But he is providing his consultancy umder the name of "FORTIS ESCORTS HOSPITAL".
I hope you will take a proper decision to avoid such situations again with a patientin future.
If I wanted to create a worst situation at your Hospital in the Morning, I could do it. But by that way you will never come to know about such misbehaviour of Dr. Ankit Bansal.
You can also understand the effects of viral of such misbehave of a Doctor at "FORTIS ESCORTS HOSPITAL" on social media because public know your Hospital very well, while no body knows Dr. Ankit Bansal.
Waiting for your prompt and proper response.

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