Fortis Escorts Heart Institute — Angioplasty Billing Fiasco!!!

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The caption of this hospital should be :ANYTHING THAN CAN GO WRONG, WILL GO WRONG! At least, that way people will not waste their desperate hopes. These doctors (Dr Seth and Dr Jaswal) have kept minions, who are heartless and clueless with people's lives and emotions. Doctors themselves do not quote for the surgery but leave it to their right hands (Dr. Ishwar), to squeeze as much as possible. Even if they have quoted something during the surgery, they will double it after and won't discharge you, unless you bow down to them. Happened with my father (Mr. A Singh) on 20th Aug 2015. Ishwar quoted us with 4.2 lac for 2 stents insertion ( one for 1.37lacs and other for .9 lacs) This was quoted after doing the Angiography and Echo Tests. Although, Seth did inform us that there might be a possibility of a 3rd stent and Ishwar told us the cost of this would be .9 lacs but would consult with us before inserting into the patient.
They even told us that the patient would be able to see the procedure and we will be immediately be taken to a consultant doctor's office and will be shown the procedure and be informed about the care to be taken afterwards. NONE OF THIS WAS DONE!!
18th Aug 2015-: They prepped my father and took him to the OT and did the cut on his thigh and had him under local anesthesia and made him wait 15 mins for Dr. Seth, only to find out that there was an emergency and all the doctors rushed to that patient. Which we understood, but they kept him in the OT for 45 mins without any nurse or doctor around him. He was lying there with a severe pain on his left side (he even told the nurse before entering the OT) but was left unattended. It was only after they brought him back to Rehab ICU that he was attended too, after being highly vocal with frustration and pain!! And to make situation more worse, the doctor informed us that Seth can't do the surgery, since he is "tired and not fresh" hence he will do it day after tomorrow because he works on alternate days. Inspite of all this, we kept our calm and did not offend anyone because we understood. And we were promised by Dr Jaswal and Ishwar that since it was hospital emergency, we will not have to pay the 2 extra days for the room.
20th Aug 2015 After the actual Angioplasty they informed us one more severe blockage was there, so they put one more stent (without informing us during the procedure, or taking our consent or patient's on putting it).At that point we thanked the doctor because there was nothing we could do to make him remove the stent, since it was out of our budget.
But the most disturbing, along with frustrating, mind numbing, pathetic, cruel and so damn insensitive, part was the discharge. We found out from the admins that the bill amount to be cleared is 6.5 lacs!!! 1 and half days none of the doctors were ready to meet with us to explain the extra 2 lacs???They had also charged 20, 000 rupees for extra 2 days in the room, which was due to their mismanagement!!!
Imagine the frustration on the patient, who is kept waiting for 2 days just because no one wants to come and tell us what are we paying extra for. My mother and father created a big scene to get some answers, since it was the only way they were left with to get some attention and the Heads of departments were still not there to resolve the issue. It was left to the security guards of the hospital to resolve.
This highly unprofessional behavior and incompetent financing charging should be stopped. Many families cannot afford the procedure let alone they absurd amount of any fictional amount they quote.

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