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On 11th may i suffered from vomiting and bad stomach and i reached your hospital at "b-22, sector 62, noida"

I reached at around 4:20 and doctor attended me at around 4:30, doctor (Kshity anand) asked me about the food i have taken yesterday night and some other questions which is required for medication

He told me that we are not going to admit you and we will give you some medication. If you wont feel better then you have to come back again

Then they did check up ecg, bp, fever, glucose by glucometer etc etc. They told me that you have fever also 99.8 and your heart beat rate is also high, so we are going to give you injection and drip and you will be normal. By this time another female doctor also joined him

At 5:10 drip was over and i asked the attendant about the doctor, she told me that doctor kshity has left and there is a emergency case female doctor (Dont know her name) is busy in that and she will be back in 10-15 minutes

At 4:25 attendant came back and told me that doctor is saying to discharge you. Another person came and ask me that is there is anybody with you and i said no i am alone, after few minutes he came back with card swapping machine in his hand and asked me about are you registered or something with our hospital. I told him that yes i am as i have came here eariler also for some check up. He told me that after your corporate discount your bill is 4963.

I asked him can i see the bill he said "no" we can print the bill once you make the payment without this we can not print the bill.

I just want to know the following things

– charging rs. 2620 (Er level iii charges) apart from the drugs, consumables, investgation, consultation for one and a half hour using your bed in a observation room is as per the the "fortis" policy or this is self made policy by the persons who have attended me.

– cant a patient see his bill before paying it.

And if both the above mentioned is as per the policies & norms of "fortis" then am really sorry to say that you should relook/realign or change your policies.

Attached herewith the bill along with the medical perciption

Early response along with the some solution would be appreciated.


Rahul matta


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