Fortis Healthcare — Death of my mother by the fault of doctors

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My Mother was having some breathing issue from last 5-20 days, we have taken the OPD
appointment of Dr Prashant Chajjjed on 11.02.2015 at 18hrs in Fortis hospital, he & his team only checked
the oxygen level & advised us to admit my Mother, we also follow advised
& admitted my mother in hospital, on 11.02.2015 they gave oxygen to her without any check up or test & my mother got unconscious on the same night at around 3:00 am, Nurses & attending doctor also ignored what serious was the condition, then they realize patient is serious they shifted to ICU at around 5:30 AM & at around 8:30
AM on 12.02.2015 they told us her CO2 level is increased & we have to put them on ventilator.
We can’t do anything at that time we are helpless .When we asked why this happened no body is giving firm reply they are saying there lungs are week & they are not excelling CO2 & there is acute respiratory failure.
When I enquired with some doctors/sites, The main reason for respiratory failure is excess oxygen given when the lungs conditions are not good.
Hospital/Doctors tried thrice to remove the ventilator & to maintain the oxygen level & CO2 level butdidn’t succeed. Then finally we take the second opinion & shift my mother to other hospital, they also tied hard but due to ventilator there was infection/phenomena in lungs & finally my mother left for heaven on 19.02.2015 morning.
The admitting physicians were not aware/identified that the patient would having some lung diseases & what will
the impact of giving the excess oxygen.Unfortunately, a blood gas was not done at the time of admission, despite the fact that most expert guidelines recommend blood gases on all patients with having some lung Diseases.

This case raises concerns about the assessment, management, and monitoring of a patient with one of the most
common medical conditions seen in hospital emergency departments—exacerbation of lung diseases. In particular, this case highlights the challenge of appropriate oxygen delivery in the setting of a lung diseases exacerbation.

I lost my mother because of wrong treatment.

Ritesh Jain

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