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I am manjunatha t got admitted to fortis hospital, nagarabhavi 2nd stage, bengaluru on 18th january 2020 around 3pm with a problem of frequent high fever from past 1 week. Till this point i already had a medication from other doctor for viral fever and was not able to figure out frequent high fever after the treatment. All the reports (Typhoid, malaria, dengue etc) were showing negative.
After i joined fortis hospital, the same day the blood sample had been sent for testing and the same day i. E 18th jan the reports were out at 6:11pm.

Next day, sunday the doctor (Her name may be lola) came for the rounds. I asked her whether she got any clue about my frequent high fever problem. For that i received the answer “ i don’t know, this could be because of viral fever” i had two times high fever on sunday, the medication had been given (Paracetamol) via iv.

Next day, monday (20th jan) in the morning around 11 am, i started getting the high fever, i called the doctor. The duty doctor came and said fever persists because of viral fever. Then at around 3pm when dr| bojamma came and examine me by keeping stethescope on chest and backside, she felt that i have fever, then she asked her assistants about the reports, that time one nurse while going through the reports said, typhoid is detected.

I must tell you that this report was out on 18th jan itself. No body has informed me till 20th afternoon that typhoid is detected.
I believe even the doctors haven’t gone through the reports. Then for what the medication was given till monday?

Monday evening, i asked the duty nurse to show the file and understood that typhoid is detected on 18th jan itself. Its was around 10pm and i asked nurse why you people did not inform me about it. She did not have answer for it.

Tuesday (21st jan) again when bojamma came, i asked the same question. When typhoid was detected on 18th itself, why you people have not informed me. She didn’t have any answer for it. Rather she said we will discharge you and your have to take injection (Falcigo) in next 2 days.

When the discharge summary came to me, there was no mention about falcigo. I asked the nurse to contact her again. Then bojamma spoke to me over the phone and suggested me to take other injection.

Attached the details for your reference.

With all this bad experience from the fortis hospital, i feel my medication is incomplete. It hurt me a lot, how could such qualified doctors are so careless about patient/report. Atleast during the discharge why the doctors themselves have no curtesy to come and explain about the further medication.

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