Fortis Healthcare — Miscarriage due to Gross Negligence

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I am Surbhi Khanna
Registration Number : UHID:FHL5.150406

I was prgnant and was consulting Dr. Vanika Prim.
On 23rd March 2008 I started having unnatural bleeding and contacted Dr. Vanika for advice, She suggested me to

visit Fortis Emergency and get a Ultra sound done and then contact her on phone.

At fortis I reached somewhere around 4:30 PM, it took 30 minutes for some doctor to come and attend me even though i

was bleeding and in pain, Dr. Himangi came and asked me to get an ultrasound done. I was taken for the ultrasound

but the doctor suggested that i should have the bladder full to do an Ultrasound and should come after 30 minutes.

after 20 minutes when we again went for the Ultrasound the doctor had most irresponsibly left and there was no other

doctor available. for anothre 1 and a half Hrs I just desperately waited for medical attention.I had to go to

urinate again and again as there was no doctor and i was bledding heavily and in this bleeding passed a fleshy lump.

I informed this to the doctor Himangi and the attendants. Finally i was asked to go and get the ultrasound done from

Kailash Hospital by Dr. Hmiangi as there was no doctor available with fortis to do the Ultrasound. I left and got

the Ultrasound done from Kailash but while then it was too late and i had suffered a micarriage.

I loft my baby due to gross nigligence of the Fortis staff and hospital including Dr Vanika Prim who is least

concerned about the health of her patients. Such doctors who are greedy for money should not be allowed to practise

and they pose a serious threat to the health of common man. They run their private practise and are more interested

in patients they treat in their private practise.

Strict action should be taken against the doctors responsible for this mishappening and the hospital staff who least

co-operative and Fortis should take complete responsibility of the huge loss me and my family has suffered. If no

action is taken by fortis and this mail is ignored we will be forced to take legal advice.

Surbhi Khanna

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