Fortis Healthcare — Unreasonable charges and improper treatment

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Re.: Sarthak Madan File No 305074

Dear Simrat,

We would seek your response to following:
Sarthak madan was brought to Fortis Mohali emergency on 22/05/17 at 7: 00 PM for treatment of dislocation of shoulder under huge pain.
We were made to wait for 2 hrs in emergency under the pretext “doctor is coming in 20-30 min.” How such delay in emergency is justified.
After waiting for 2 hrs patient was given pain killer.
Dr Kapila visited at around 9: 00 PM and reduced shoulder to normal position in 2 min.
We were charged Rs 9032 and out of this Rs 5000 was charged for this process.
Why we were never told before procedure about such abnormal charges and allowing us the choice for opt out.
Why neither prior information nor any Justification for these unreasonable charges was given.
Pl do note the present condition of patient was due to lack of proper treatment on 28th May 2011 by your resident doctor, when Sarthak madan was brought to your hospital after accident. As per learned opinion of doctors it Was must to put shoulder immobilizer at that stage for proper recovery as standard procedure followed in such cases to avoid present condition of patient.
This has caused agony, pain and financial losses to us..
You are liable to an explanation and reply to this.

Vikas Madan
F/O Sarthak Madan

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