Fortis Healthworld, Amritsar — untrained unqualified lab technician and pharmacists

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Tower A, Unitech Business Park, Block – F, South City 1, Sector – 41, Gurgaon, Haryana, India – 122001

Dear Sir/Madam
I wish to complain about your fortis healthcare world branch in circular road amritsar. The people selling medicines are not qualified pharmacists. I was once sold expired medicines for which the owner apologized so i let it go. Now the sample collection of the same centre is very very poorly managed. the technician is unqualified. No hygeine i;e disinfecting of hands was done. This is shocking that a reputed company such as yours would give a franchise without quality control. Today, I had even a worse experience when I was told lies that the test can not be done in amritsar. They are not even aware of tests that are done in fortis amritsar. they took two samples of lipid profile and TSH and promised that the tests would be done in Fortis hospital Amritsar. Apparently, one was sent to Gurgaon which takes three days for the report. I should have been truthfully informed that the test can not be done locally. I would have gone to another lab or to the hospital itself. The technician claimed that the hospital also does not have the testing facility so it was sent to gurgaon. This is nonsense. I feel if you have such people representing your company it will ruin your reputation. I am going file a case on the local branch if no action is taken by you. For an average uneducated person can be taken for a ride in such a case. I am extremely disappointed and hope your management will take necessary action to restore my faith

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