Fortis Hospital — BAD WATER

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My son was admitted in Fortis Hospital Noida for treatment of viral diarrheo on 28th Mar and was discharged on 31st Mar.During his stay there he was on hospital food and water only.We were told that it was boiled water for the baby and normal water for us.
But the taste of water was really bad and we had to order only Bisleri water as they would not allow anything from outside.

When he was discharged he was little better and we got him home.But exactly after week my baby had very high fever and then was finally diagones with TYPHOID which is quite rare for 7month old baby.

This was the first time in all these months that i had given my son water that was not boiled by me and i am doubtful if this is all because of the water served in hospital.

i have been through the most bad time in this month and cant help thinking and blaming myself for all the pain of injections and having bad medicine my son has gone through.

Wanted to know if it is possible we can get hospital water and hygiene checked.

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