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I am sumit chowdhury and the patient is my wife Mrs. Satarupa Ghose UHID no:WHBG.[protected], And my complaint is that on 03.10.2013 – came to Fortis bannerghatta for showing my wife to Dr. Shalini Joshi. She checked and told that there is a confusion it could be chicken pox and gave medication and then to be more confirmed she gave two tests, CBC and IgM and IgA varicelle test. She informed that the resulta for IgM test will come within 2-3 days. Accordingly I paid and the varicelle tests costed me more than rs. 4000. After my wife gave the sample and came the lab guys informed that this test results will come on 10th october. What the hell? By then the patient will be half cured and so what is the use of that test result. So plain and simple – want my money to be refunded immediately. Because like this you can't make fool of patients and where
Did you hear that for diagnosing chiken pox you nedd so many tests.
I want an immediate action otherwise if you want I can be there in person also.
Sumit Chowdhury

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