Fortis Hospital — Fortis Hospital – Liars and Incompetent

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Tower A, Unitech Business Park, Block – F, South City 1, Sector – 41, Gurgaon, Haryana, India – 122001

I have had a very bad experience with Fortis Jaipur.The doctors are liars over there.I lost my father because of Fortis.They hide all the facts from you.They discharged my father after Coronary By pass surgery done by Dr. Ajeet Bana saying that he is fine and just needs to take his medications on time.He had some respiratory complications after the surgery.But we were told that he is going to be fine and there was nothing to worry about and his lungs and heart are completely normal.They kept on moving my father back and forth from ICU.So he was on ventilator and oxygen most of the time when he was in hospital.

I am sure my father got a lung infection after or during the surgery which they could not treat. They never accepted this fact.And i lost my father two days after discharge .And they said the reason was aspiration.

They are liars.And they are only there for money not for medical services.I saw on the reports in my fathers room that he had a cardigenic shock.These guys never told us about it.They are liars.But the bottom line is that i lost my father.I can never get him back.No one should go to fortis as you cannot trust them with your lives and your loved ones lives.

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