Fortis Hospital Kolkata — Misleading people and later denying about it

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My complaint is against the billing department of Fortis Hospital Kolkata. We were planning for THR of my father-in-law at Fortis and for this we colsulted Dr. Debashish Chakraborty (Orthopedic). He informed us that the cost would be Rs 1,50,000/-. On 20 March 2011 we went to admit my father-in-law for THR and there we came to that there is no such package, and the minimum package is Rs 1,65,000. From billing Mr Subhrajit has informed us that this package include 10 days stay and if does not required then it will be adjusted accordingly and amount will be refunded. We believed on that persons word, agreed on that and signed the required documnets. Operation was fine and doctor allowed him to discharge after 5 days stay. To our surprise when we went to billing department to make the necessary payment we have been given a bill of Rs 167,004/-. When we asked about the adjustment to be made for room rent as we are staying only 5 days they said its not adjustable. We said we have been told this by Mr Subhrajit, they contacted him and that person simply denied the stuff. Other billing member insisted that we have misunderstood it. I asked take the footage of CCTV then they simply changed their tone and saying you have signed the paper where it is mentioned 165000+investigation+Highly consumable (As a layman its very tough for us to understand the nitty-gitties ofr the terms mentioned in the paper what is highly comsumable and what is consumable). In front o[censored]s they are making some changes in the bill that really me and my husband was unable to understand and showing a bill of Rs. 165,000. One of the menber of billing department that Rs. 165000 is not at all a package we have been given this estimate after consultation with doctor though it was a package. When I shouted then they agreed its a package. We repeatedly asked them to call Mr Subhrajit so that we can talk face to face but they are simply trying to safe gaurd thein employee. Our doctor asked us to contact Ms Sohini regarding this and we thought of complaning about their staff. To my greater surprise she was not available till we left the hospital. Lastly with no option left we had to pay the whole amount and leave. In such a prestigious hospital there is no importance of word or the promise they give. No one was there to take our complain such a rediculous administration.

Be careful when you next time going to Fortis for any reason. Do not believe their word keep everything as documented and take proper signature so that they can claim. Dont know how could one believe even doctors of such a hospitals – they will assure by words only that your patient will be absolutely fine but later you find yourself in a bad situation that present.


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