Fortis Hospital Majitha Verka By Pass Amritsar — Malpractices, unprofessional doctors and breach of trust

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I am writing to tell you my experience with FORTIS HOSPITAL AMRITSAR when my father (Late H/Capt Sukhdev Singh Bhuller ) got admitted in the same hospital under UHID no. FHL10.160326 IPD no. 97961.
My father had a history of parkinsonsism, and got fever and chills due to which we had him to get admitted in hospital in pathankot. he was recovering fine. bt after 9 days one of his X rays showed collapse of Left lung which doctors said may or may not be reversed. they advised FORTIS AMRITSAR. we took our father to Amritsar in a hope of recovery. but what followed is no less than a deadly horrifying nightmare.
At the emergency, the doctors didnt give attention to my father. my father was shivering, his b.p was dropping and he was having fever too. After 50 minutes doctor attended him (my Father could have died in those 50 mins) and i was asked to do the formalities first for admission. after that was done, another shift came and the new doctor again started from the initial info.he asked me to wait outside. after 20 mins he called me inside and said we ll have to put him on ventillator. i asked why is it required. the doctor or Intern i would say (medical officer he was) said we have to do this u just sign the consent or u take the patient home. i had to sign as i wasn't left with an option.
I would like to bring to your notice that we were not given clear explanation of the condition of my father throughout the entire treatment, no doctors were there to explain us whenever required.
After waiting for 4 days we first time met Dr. Rominder kour (pulmonologist), the consultant assigned to my father. We asked her many questions and we got negative answers from her like “we are not sure whether he will recover or not". according to her, my father never had any lungs collapsed. then why the hell a pulmonologist was assigned to my father for the entire treatment???
Doctors there are not knowing basic medical condition even after weeks of admission, Then what kind of treatment were they giving him???? doctors were not clear about the treatment effectiveness, they don’t clarify the attendants about condition of patient, even in case of my father's lungs got stiff they never told us for 14 days which we came to know in death summary as attached and doctors continued to say that the lungs X ray has improved a lot.
Nurses were not aware of patients condition, patient nursing care very worst, reports were also not correct and the statement were tampered. ICU condition was very pathetic. The behaviour of Doctor Rominder Kaur very bad as she forced us for tracheostomy of my father and assured that he will improve.
MOs in ICU not at all experienced, they gave CPR shocks to my father without the consent of cardiologist and our knowledge. this was said by cardiologist in front of me. And the statement he signed reveals something totally opposite. (attachment- hand written)
Their staff kept us saying for 20 days that his skin is intact and bed sores are dry and healed up and when i asked to see bed sores, they refused, after forcing them, i came to see and the condition was worse than ever, his skin was totally damaged and how one can expect such pathetic care in reputed hospital like Fortis???? I totally lost hope that day…
We discussed the scenario with Dr. Puneet (ECHS In charge) but got no assistance even and he said we are trying to wean off the ventilator, he mentioned this when my father was not able to breathe even a single percent on his own, he was on pressure support ventilation. Dr Puneet said we will discharge your father and u just sign LAMA (LEAVE AGAINST MEDICAL ADVISE) even when Defence (ECHS) was paying them with good money.
Sir what a patient can do instead of trusting these so called doctors of these big brands hospitals. When we took the body of my father, they made a big file of all the payments and bills for 8 lakhs which would have been cleared by ECHS, can I ask for what??? WAS THAT FOR KILLING MY FATHER????
Sir being an army officer’s daughter, I am proud that army is serving their patients very well but when it comes for the referral, patients life, money everything goes at big risks.
Requesting you to take action against these hospitals and let every patient feel happy and proud. I would be highly grateful to you.
Whatever we went through, is a past…I want this doesn't repeat with anyone else.


Malpractices, unprofessional doctors and breach of trust
Malpractices, unprofessional doctors and breach of trust
Malpractices, unprofessional doctors and breach of trust
Malpractices, unprofessional doctors and breach of trust

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