Fortis Hospital Mohali Chandigarh — wrong treatment

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dear sir
i would like to bring to your notice following

my daughter mrs preeti comar w/o prashant comar stays in shimla . she got a severe headache and vomiiting and was admitted to indus hospital shimla. she was in hospital from 29 dec 10 to 02 jan 2011. her condition did not improve and we shifted her to fortis hospital chandigarh ( mohali).
in indus hospital they diagonised her for acute migraine and gastritis.

in fortis she was admitted under registration nbr uhid 00284689 and ipid nbr ip00106856.
she was admitted on 02jan2011 and was discharged on 05jan2011.
she was treated under dr Anupam Jindal and he diagnosed her for VASCULAR HEADACHE and anxiety/depression and she was consulted on the instance of dr jindal with psychiatrist dr ambrish singal of fortis.

as her headache was not getting controlled under dr jindal and we approached one dr in delhi and on phone he suggested to do CSF test but dr jindal refused to do and he was saying we have done CT Angio brain and there is no need for CSF test inspite of our repeated request.
she was discharged by fortis on 05jan 2011 . we brought her to chandigarh relatives house and for 2 days she was complaining for headache and we approached dr jindal again in his chamber and he told she is under psychiatrist medicines and i gurantee there is no pain to patient. he also told we can take her anywhere and she is ok. but she was not able to stand and eat properly.
we took her to gurgaon by car and kept her for 2 days in relatives house but her condition deteriorated
and on 09 jan she fainted and we immediately to artemis health institute gurgaon.

she was treated by dr praveen gupta and he did CSF test immediatly and reached to the conclusion that she is having TB Meningitis. he started immediately appropriate treatment and my daughter is very well now and is discharged on 19jan 2011. i really thank and appreciate the efforts of dr praveen gupta who saved her life.

but DR ANUPAM JINDAL of fortis was too bad and treated her in wrong way and action should be taken against him.
you may check patient histroy of fortis under UHID 00284689 APID IP00106856.

THE ARTEMIS HOSPITAL patient ID GN [protected]

i am sure you will take necessary action against dr jindal and fortis hospital

m.k. malhotra

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