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Hello Sir,
I would like to gain your attention on the issue from which my family is suffering now.
My mother is a government servant, she works for Indian Railways (NCR). Past few months her health went down and we took her to the Fortis
(Noida) for treatment where we had consult Dr. Sircar for her treatment.
He suggested her to continue the medicine for nine months but he didn't tell us about side effect of the medicine he has prescribed her.
Now due to that medicine my mother has completely lost her eyes vision (both eye sights) and even she can't see anything. We took her to several eye
hospitals for the treatment but got only one response that we can't do anything.
At last! We consulted Sankara Nataralaya (Chennai) for further treatment even there when we spoke to doctor's they said it just because of that
Medicine (Combutol) which was prescribed by Dr Mrinal Sircar and now they will try to get her vision back but there is very-very less chances.
Also when we went to Fortis to discuss this issue Dr Mrinal Sircar refused to take any responsibility of it.
He refused to talk with us said that "every medicine have some side effects so what’s the big deal in it?" We cannot tell every patient about it!
As we have spent some much money till now and still we are spending our money like water.
My question is who will be responsible for all this?
Beside this my mother is the only earning member of family and its effecting her job because she cannot see anything now.
If she lost her job due to this problem who will take care of family?
I want Fortis hospital to take responsibility of whole situation also would like to have compensation for the same.
Because we wasted our money like anything!
And if Fortis will not take any responsibility then strict action will be taken from us against them.
Therefore I would request you to look into this issue and guide us appropriately so we can get out of this critical situation.
Thanking you.
Rupesh Dass

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