Fortis Hospital Noida / Dr Ajay Bhalla — Scoundrel, cruelest, murderer who killed my dear mother

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Dr Ajay Bhalla, HOD, Gastroenterology at Fortis Hospital Noida is a Scoundrel, Ferocious, Murderer Monster, Merciless doctor who killed my dear mother by not attending her properly at Fortis Hospital, Noida. He did not put stent properly in common bile duct and he ignored stenting in duodenum which he showed me in endoscopy room while doing procedure to my mother.
Moreover, to my surprise, he delayed the required medical intervention unnecessarily for more than 20 days during which she was admitted in FORTIS HOSPITAL NOIDA only to make as much as money he could. He stopped her solid and liquid diet both when she was hungry and was asking food and water from me. I stood as a guilty son who see her hungry and thirsty. So many times did I asked Bhalla why are you doing this to her. But that son of never listened to me. This resulted in severe infection during she was admitted and shifted her to ICU only to make money and when infection got worsened, then started high dose of antibiotics. He is a scoundrel and a killer. She died for no reason. She was just 58. He has made me and my family to grieve over my dear mother's death. I give curse to Ajay Bhalla and his family. Same will happen to him and his family. Ajay Bhalla will die most pathetic, horrible and painful death, this is my curse to him.

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