Fortis La Femme — Charged invalid fee

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I've been visitin fortis la femme in delhi from last month. I am going through a treatment in infertility from one of your gynae. I've noticed a very disappointing attitute of this doc. which raises questions on her authenticity of treatment further raising a question on Fortis authenticity. I am being charged a doctor fee(which is a high amount in itself) even if i am visting the doctor twice a week, whether it is only to show the reports or for consultancy. and i am being told by the doctor that its the hospital authorities who troubles her afterwards if we dont pay each time we go there.And if you can understand that i am visiting her almost 10-15 days in a month.
This kind of attitute puts the patient in more stress which is a strict 'No No' if you are trying to concieve, so we are being treated the other way round. And also if I concieve i cannot trust this doctor for the further treatment she will prescribe, will be for the normal delivery or operation.
I really hope that you will check these kind of attitudes of the doctors appointed with you. Also hope that you will get back soon.

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