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I have donated one unit blood by 01/05/2015 for patient name Tara Devi with the help of his son Mr. rohit kumar. ( we both working in BHEL – Noida sector 16 office, fortis Hospital, sector-62, noida, is in our company panel)
however, that one unit blood was not used for Ms. Tara devi.
By dated 13/05/2015, My another friend Mr. Anish Yadav ( working in BHEL ), Father was got admitted for heart attack case and required one unit blood by dated 14/05/2015.
By dated 14/05/2015, when we consulted to the blood bank ( Mr. manish was their ) of fortis hospital they simply refuse to do so, and say that one unit blood shall not given to any patient with your saying, that spare one unit blood not used for undersigned patient hence same shall be sell in market ( to any unknown by me ) by the fortis hospital for money.
it is really a height of corruption and illegal practices excised by fortis hospital…
i have denoted my blood and i have right to advice hospital to whom my blood shall be given.
please look in to the matter and give one unit blood to my friend father, he is in emergency and admitted in ICU fortis Hospital
please suggest for further course for action to get that spare one unit blood from such theft.
Detail of by blood donation card
Name-Sanjay Kumar Mall
Mb. No. [protected]
Donation No. 1626
Blood Group AB +
IPD NO. 146325
DATE 01/05/2015
Hospital- fortis, Sector-62, noida

regarding blood donation

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