Fortis Vasant Kunj — My Father died due to Dr Sabyasachi Bal’s negligence

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My father was living with cavities in both the lungs for the last 25 years.He had shown to many Doctors but nobody suggested surgery because both the lungs had cavity.But Dr Bal VERY FAMOUS THORACIC SURGEON SUGGESTED SURGERY.We went to him as my father used to have frequent fever and coughing.He showed us a very rosy picture saying after surgery his condition will become better, he will not get fever and no coughing.He suggested LOBECTOMY OF LEFT LUNG in spite of knowing it very well that my father had cavities in both the lungs.My father asked many doctors but everybody said NO.But my father believed Dr Bal, saying he will be able to live healthy life and few more years will be added in his life, and seeing my fathers will power and so much of hope I got my father admitted on 8th July 2014 in Fortis Vasant Kunj.My father was taken up for surgery on 9th July 2014. In the case summary it's clearly mentioned that the lung was diseased and densely adherent to the chest wall.Even after knowing the condition of lung is not good Dr Bal went ahead with surgery. My father was recovering well after surgery.He was shifted to ward after 24 hrs post surgery.But on the second post operative day my father lost consciousness and he was again shifted to ICU.All sort of blood tests were done.CT Pulmonary angiography and ECHO was also done.All the reports were normal.My father got conscious after 5/6 hrs.When I asked Dr Bal about the reason why my father became unconscious, ON A VERY SHOCKING NOTE A VERY FAMOUS THORACIC SURGEON DR SABYASACHI BAL SAID ALL THE REPORTS ARE NORMAL SO IT COULD BE DRAMATIC ALSO. After all this he was put on BIPAP.Every moment his BIPAP requirement was increasing.He was not eating enough so orally a nasogastric tube was put for his feeding.My fathers condition was deteriorating every moment, he was getting more and more restless and breathless, but nothing was done to find out the reason why breathlessness was increasing.In the mean time he caught three infections, ACENOBACTER, CANDIDA OF NON ALBICANS SPECEIS AND ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS. After waiting for seven days keeping him in ICU Dr Amit told us my fathers condition is very bad saying his SPO2 is 60% he may get cardiac arrest any moment if he is not put on Ventilator. Dr Amit pressurised us and shouted on us that you decide fast, and we not left with any option and hope said YES. My father was put on VENTILATOR on 18 th July 2014 by Dr Amit. .After that again on a shocking note Dr Amit told us his condition is very critical his SPO2 level is 210%.After going on Ventilator it was detected that he was loosing air upto 80% so his plural cavity was tightly packed with gamjee roll.But still they did not disclose us the exact picture.They kept my father on sedatives all the time.His whole body was swollen very badly. After four days Dr Rakesh counselled us for TRACHEOSTOMY .They said as he is on double lumen tube which they cannot carry on more than four days and also the Gamjee roll, they will have to remove it and do the tracheostomy .Again a very helpless and hopeless situation for us and we agreed for Tracheostomy keeping our fingers crossed for some betterment. On 24th July 2014 my father was put on tracheostomy by Dr Rakesh . And on 28th morning my father died because of 90% air leak.His lungs collapsed and multiple cardiac arrest. Within 20days everything was finished.My father trusted him for some betterment and few more years in his life but Dr Bal and Dr Rakesh killed my father .They were just passing time and making big money. After all this I read many reviews on Dr Bal and his team, he has done many more similar negligencie's in past also. After completing all the rituals of my father I went to Dr Bal to ask where did he go wrong And why he did not tell us about the major risk factor of this surgery which is AIR LEAK and because of this risk factor 50% of patients die. And why did not you do anything to save my father for the 7 days when he was again shifted ICU.He was getting breathless and that was because of AIR LEAK. Instead of giving answers to my question he said he doesn't want to argue with me and he was walking off from there. That was his attitude towards me.I lost my father and he was not even sorry for that.Its all because he keeps doing these negligencie's and he is used to it. I would like to warn all you people who love their family that don't just trust this Dr blindly Surely take second and third opinion from other Doctors.Because for Doctors like him only money matters not the life. FORTIS VASANT KUNJ, DR BAL AND HOSPITAL STAFF THEY ARE ALL JUST BIG NAMES THEY DON'T VALUE LIFE FOR THEM ONLY MONEY MATTERS.

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