Hospital Fortis, Shalimar Bagh — Unnecessary treatment

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Hello everyone
My grandfather got admitted some days back in Hotel Fortis, shalimar Bagh. He was not able to swallow anything from his throat, though he was otherwise normal, so we got him admitted to this 'renowned' hospital. However, instead of treating him for the above-mentioned problem, they 'diagnosed' that he has life-threatening clots in one of his leg and advised us that if it's not treated now, it can lead to his death within few days. They shifted him to ICU, though he was hale and hearty. For some days, they kept on telling us that he will be cured and after a week of all this drama, they just inserted a food pipe through his nose and said he should be fed only like this. Now after paying Rs. 2 lakhs for getting only food pipe attached, we feel that we have been cheated by these people who have sold their morality and just want to earn money by fleecing gullible people like us.

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