[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — arrogant behavior of dr. raman abhi

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He is arrogant and makes the patient spend unnecessarily. He is never polite and never apologies for his mistakes, treats people as if they're beneath him.

I went to him for treatment of tb which is just oral medicines for 6 months. All my reports were positive, but he asked me to get 4 more tests done, neither of them being confirmatory tests. These cost me 8000 rupees.

After the first couple of visits, my body reached positively and i had no side effects. So i asked him if he can prescribe medicine for a month instead of 15 days, given that i will need to travel for work. He arrogantly asked me to leave my job if i need to get treated.

Additionally, when i did visit him after 15 days, he made us wait for 2 hours (Despite an appointment), was not apologetic and simply asked me to continue the same medicines and once again charged us a 1000 rupees for this.

Once again, since the same medicines needed to be continued long term, we asked him if he can relax the fees if nothing new needs to be prescribed. Once again he mentions i will need to visit every 15 days, pay 1000 rupees everytime for recommending the same course of action, wait as much as needed if he is late and make sure i don't undertake any travel during the 6 months period of treatment.

He simply don't understand the patient needs, has zero empathy and is the most arrogant person i have ever met.

Fortis must simple remove him!

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